New Years Resolutions

Between school and work I’ve had a hard time sitting down and getting stuff down for myself.  That’s why, this year, I’ve set several New Years Resolutions that pertain to bettering myself and focusing on things that are important to me.  The resolutions I have planned are as follows:

  • Run 100 miles
  • Read 24 Books
  • Finish 12 Projects
  • Blog once a week
I used to run a lot in high school, and during my sophomore year actually got my mile time down below six minutes.  Since during the school year I don’t have enough time and will power to wake up early and run every day to form a habit, I’ve decided to focus on establishing a regular running schedule and work on getting my mile time back down.
Last year I set a goal for myself to read twelve books over the course of the year and managed to do just that plus some, so this year I wanted to up the ante and double the books I wanted to read.  I’ve already finished the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (phenomenal book btw) and plan on reading some other recommended sci fi books (e.g. vN by Madeline Ashby, Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card, etc.) as well as some classics like Lord of the Flies and 1984.
Since my mind is very disorganized, I tend to get obsessed with one project, work on it for a while, and then get distracted by something else and completely forget about it for a few months.  I’d like to work on changing that by setting a goal to finish twelve projects this year, hopefully one a month.  I’ve already thought up some ideas on what I’d like to finish including:

  • Some sort of Augmented Reality Game – I’ve been interested in game design for a while, and I think the augmented reality possibilities provided by smartphones really gives a lot of potential for cool games.
  • Augmented Reality Glasses – I’ve recently ordered a Wild Planet Spy Car.  The great thing about this toy is its hackability.  The wire leading to the video headset actually uses the component standard which conveniently, can be outputted by the Raspberry Pi.  I plan on using a combination of these two to form a fancy augmented reality system akin to Google Glass.  I’m not sure what specifically I’d like to do, maybe a face tracking HUD or some sort of targeting system, but I’m pretty excited.
  • Iron Man Suit – So I think Iron Man is awesome, and at some point I’d like to create an Iron Man suit replica, possibly integrating the HUD I mentioned above.
Lastly is I’d like to blog more often, so I’d like to set Monday as my official blogging day and set aside a few hours every week to type out and submit a blog post.  I’d especially like to include lots of details on my projects so I’ll work hard to do just that.

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