Exciting Stuff on the Horizon

Well, I’m late for my second post of the year, so that certainly bodes well for the future.  Anyways, I just wanted to mention that I’m really excited for some of the projects I have on the horizon, specifically the Iron Man/Awesome helmet I want to build.  I got the Wild Planet Spy Car in the mail a few days ago and it’s awesome!  The video is black and white, and a little distorted, but I assume the fuzziness is mostly a result of the wireless connection or the camera and not the display itself.  I also ordered a Mind Flex game for $10 which is a steal!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mindflex, it’s a headset with a built in EEG sensor that can determine brain waves.  It can differentiate between several frequencies that represent how relaxed or focused you are.  I was thinking I could somehow couple this with the video headset to form an augmented reality helmet of some sort.  Anyways I’m excited about it and look forward to playing with it at the very least.  I’ll post more when I get it and when I hack the video headset!

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