DIY Smartwatch: I’ve got competition!

So it looks as if I’m not the only one looking to design a fun, interactive watch.  A very cool OLED watch was recently featured on Hackaday.  It has all sorts of features crammed into it and looks like was an impressive amount of time and effort put into making it.  Watching a video of the watch in action gave me lots of thoughts about what to implement in my design and reading his write-up gave me a chance to compare my methods and parts against his.  Overall I really like his design and what he did with such little space, and I would ultimately like to achieve the level of detail, quality, and battery life that he did, though with a slightly bigger package.

That being said, my design remained relatively unchanged after looking at his, mainly because we are attempting to accomplish different tasks and most of our circuitry was already similar.  I did update my design to use the navigation button seen on his watch, but that will have little effect in the long run.

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