The Deconstruction

Last weekend I had the great opportunity to participate in a 48hr hackathon.  Called The Deconstruction, it involved a 48hr marathon where teams people from any age or background got together and built a project of our choice.  Aside from some of the creepy messages we got from trolls on our stream, it was awesome!  I think setting aside everything and taking a weekend to concentrate on making something is great and really spurs creativity.  I’m just lucky school is still slow and I didn’t have much work.

So on to the project.  Ever since last summer, I’ve wanted to build an automatic drink mixing machine.  I even spent a fair bit of time planning it out and ordered some of the parts.  When I presented the idea to my teammates they all jumped on board and we decided to do that this weekend.  Our team was The Dangerous Dijkstras.  A lot of details about the construction of the project are at the team site.

Here are some videos of the final project.