Alien Cuckoo Clock


A re-imagining of the cuckoo clock inspired by the H. R. Giger aesthetic. The main components of the clock will utilize the Xenomorph life stages as seen in the Alien franchise with the Facehugger serving as the clock face, the Chestburster as the cuckoo, and the human host as the main body of the clock.


The Alien Cuckoo Clock consists of several discrete pieces that will be combined to form the clock. The different pieces are:

  • Facehugger
  • Chestburster
  • Clock mechanism
  • Cuckoo mechanism
  • Mannequin
  • Electronics

Thingiverse is a great repository for premade 3D printed files and many of the designers there are far more skilled in 3D modelling than I will ever be, so I’ll be reusing open source designs from there for the Facehugger and Chestburster. I will, however, be painting them myself.

Rather than reinventing the wheel (errr… clock) I decided to buy a clock mechanism to use as the clock internals and hands. The upside of this is not having to handle clock controls or complicated gearing, but the downside is that the cuckoo mechanism will have to be synced with the clock somehow so it can be properly triggered at the top of the hour.

I’ll be designing the cuckoo mechanism myself, probably using gears or other basic components from Thingiverse. I have quite a few spare, generic, yellow motors from OpenADR, so I anticipate designing a mechanism to convert that rotary motion into the linear motion required by the Chestburster cuckoo.

The mannequin will serve as the body of the Facehugger/Chestburster victim (chestburstee?). I anticipate finding a spare full-body mannequin, if possible, and cutting off the lower portion and arms. However, if I can’t find one I can create the torso using duct tape casting and find a lifelike mannequin head on Amazon.

I’m hoping to keep the electronics for this project as simple as possible. I have plenty of Arduino’s laying around so I’ll be using one for the controller in addition to a few end-stop switches for the cuckoo mechanism and maybe a hall effect sensor to detect the top of the hour.


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Alien Clock: Working Cuckoo Mechanism

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